At school, I would always be sick. I had a lot of pain and even to this day; my pain gets really bad. I would always leave school early or be absent. I was a very shy girl you would have to come close next to me to hear my voice. I was bullied a lot, people didn't want to be my friend because I was always sick. It was very hard for me, I started to sing and write songs to help me get through it. In the fourth grade, I was diagnosed with a disorder. I was in the hospital for four days. They first thought it was Leukemia, but it was a mitochondrial disorder. The needle-like pain, aches, and fatigue still affect me. In the future, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia which also causes pain and hypoglycemia (like diabetes type one), but I only get low blood sugar. This is all connected to the mitochondrial disorder. There was a point where I didn't have any friends. It was hard. I kept thinking I wasn't good enough and  I wasn't pretty. I got depression and anxiety from all this. It was hard for me to even go outside because I would have panic attacks.  It took me a while to realize I am still beautiful and I am still good enough...I am me!  I want to be an ambassador because I feel like girls need to know that they are pretty not just on the outside but on the inside too. Each time we put on this lipgloss and look in the mirror we will always be reminded that we are beautiful and it will always remind us to smile and be ourselves. Put the bullying in the past and know that you are amazing no matter what and you don't need the bullies to love you, you need to love yourself.

Thank you so much:),