Edward R. James, IV is a Hampton, VA native, a graduate of Bethel High School and Old Dominion University.  He earned his degree in Music, a definite passion of his.  Growing up in a very musical family, Edward started his formal training on the piano at the age of four and has gone on to have a rather fulfilling career in music.  He was the Director of Music at his home church, Calvary Community Church, for 11 years.  He was also one of the worship leaders for Mennonite USA, singing and ministering around the country.  Being an accomplished pianist and singer, he ventured into being a recording artist with both international and national music projects as well as, guest appearances and an international tour.  He is currently living in the Northern Virginia area where he is a virtual worship leader for C3: Atlanta in Georgia.


He stepped into the role of site manager at the inception of Beautiful Girl through another joint venture he has with Hope, the owner.  First, Hope and Edward are first cousins.  Second, they have a music publishing company called, Dream Lyrics.  Having styled that website, He created the "BG" website you see today.  As site manager, he is responsible for the daily maintenance and construction of the site, including visual merchandising, photography and the "BG" beauty ads.


He is the man behind the curtain, so you may rarely see him. However, if you do fill free to come up and say hi!