Beautiful Girl by Hope is releasing it's first collection bundles!  We are releasing two different beauty packages that contain 5 glosses with an addition glitter gloss jar.  That is 6 different shades!

With the 'Silk Beauty' package you will get our Silk Collection (Peaches n Silk, Silk Rose, Golden Silk), Simply Nude, Pumpkin Spice, and an Iridescent Glitter Jar.  With the 'Berry Beauty' package you will get our Berry Collection (Strawberry Short Cake, Berry Red,Raisin Berry), Simply Nude, Lemon Pound Cake, and a Pink Glitter Jar. You will get 6 glosses for $60 instead with $66! The gloss shades are not interchangable at this time. 

BG Beauty Bundle

SKU: 300
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