I am the baby in a family of 10 kids. We all grew up singing together in my dad's church, in a little town called Atlantis.

Our family became well known in our country for a reality show we did that ran for 3 years, on a South African channel.

I was always the kid with the big dreams, so I eventually went into doing my own thing musically, whilst still singing with the family.

I am extremely passionate with everything beauty-
 Makeup, fashion, And my natural hair Journey.

I began documenting it in the form of images, and videos, every now and then, giving my personal tips and tricks. Eventually, I started a business out of it becoming a beauty influencer.

Makeup is something I've learned to do in my sleep, it's been a part of me since crossing over to my teenage years, into adulthood .. so I guess it's safe to say I've had some experience, haha.

Amongst all those things, I have the biggest heart for Christ.
I feel that it has become a part of me to show the world what God has done for me, to share that same love in the form of beauty and music.

I live by 3 things: Love, Laughter, and Passion.

Zoey Davids x